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What is Miswak?

Miswak, also known as siwak or sugi, is a dental hygiene stick that has been used for thousands of years. It is obtained from the roots and twigs of the Peelu tree (Salvadora Persica). Believed to contain antibacterial elements that can reduce plaque, whiten teeth and fight bad odour, the use of the miswak is considered Sunnah. Meaning, it follows an essential manner of life according to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., who recommends its use to cleanse the mouth before prayer. Based on the recognition of the miswak's special elements, the world's first Miswak toothbrush is developed!
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Toothpaste Not Needed

The Miswak toothbrush does not need to be used with toothpaste. This is made possible by the presence of the natural ceramics within the bristles. The natural ceramic used is a type of quartz schist produced only in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is strong, has excellent abrasion abilities, and is impact, heat and chemical resistant. Not only that, it also generates a vast amount of negative ions during brushing action. The ions have a surface smoothing effect and eliminates dental irregularities that may retain food residue and plaque. As the ceramic is finely pulverised and blended with the bristle material, there is no risk of damage to teeth and gums. 

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Made in Japan

Well known for high-quality products and innovative designs, Japan-made items instantly invoke a sense of excellent value with consumers worldwide. The Miswak toothbrush is no exception, being 100% safe and proven, Japan-made products. They are manufactured in factories centered in Yao and its neighbouring cities in Osaka Prefecture, an area famous for the largest volume of toothbrush production.

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