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Introducing the World’s FIRST Miswak Toothbrush featuring bristles blended with miswak and natural quartz ceramics. The toothbrush merges an Arab tradition with modern Japanese technology. This unique combination within the bristles offers a completely new tooth brushing concept that brings nature and Sunnah into the present lifestyle.

Miswak is a teeth cleaning root that comes from the Salvadora Persica (or Peelu) tree found in Pakistan. The natural ceramics is a type of quartz schist that ensures excellent surface protection and enhances the effectiveness of brushing.
Miswak contains natural properties that can clean and whiten teeth while the ceramic emits negative ions that smoothens tooth surface. You can brush your teeth effectively without using toothpaste.
Our toothbrushes are the product of Japanese research and development and are 100% proven safe,
Japan-made products.